JCore Program

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JCore is a Religious School program for K-7th grade Beth David members who are interested in
a more in-depth Jewish education for their students.
For programs for non-members? Go to J-page. Call us about our new sustainable membership program.
JCore Essentials:
  • JCore students study and experience core essentials of Judaism. An overview of the JCore curriculum is found in Appendix I of the J-Guide:
  • As members of the Beth David community, students are lovingly prepared for their Bnei Mitzvah- the time that they assume the role of an adult member of our community.
  • K-2 JCore students meet on Sundays from 9:30 -12:30 except, with one Shabbat School instead of Sunday month (usually 2nd Saturday, but not always)
  • 3rd-6th JCore students meet with K-2 on Sundays/Saturdays (above) as well as Wednesdays from 4:00 - 6:15.
  • 7th grade JCore students meet as above, unless there is a Shabbat Bnei Mitzvah that's not on a regular Shabbat School day. On these weekends they attend on Shabbat INSTEAD of Sunday (with a couple of exceptions when there are special programs on that Sunday).
  • 4th-7th grade JCore students participate in the Jewel program on Wednesdays. (About the Jewel Program)
  • 3rd grade JCore students are not part of Jewel on Wednesdays. Their Wednesday program is part of JCore until session 4. Beginning session 4, Gimel JCore students will experience the second hour of Jewel by being given 2 JEM options to choose from.

JCore Rewards:
  • JCore students have additional reward and incentives that are separate from the Jewel reward system.
  • M&M Ladder - Students climb a ladder of Middot & Mitzvot by earning stickers throughout the year. Top climbers in each grade receive an extra prize at the end of the year rewards assembly, but all students who participate are rewarded. (Middot are virtues/positive character traits, Mitzvot are commandments/good deeds. Parents are encouraged to write "mitzvah notes" when your student has done an exceptional action that can be shared and rewarded in class).
  • Shekels - students have several ways of earning Shekels to spend at our "Shekel Shop". The Shekel shop is open 1-2 times per month for students to purchase a variety of small toys and treats.
  1. Earn Shekels by completing JEMS in our Jewel program.
  2. Also by completing BBILS. BBILs (bubbles) are "Bulletin Board Independent Learning" opportunities. Students study the information on one of our bulletin boards by filling out a BBIL score sheet.
  3. Earn Shekels by reading Jewish books from the Beth David library. Shekels are earned by # of pages/grade.
  4. Earn Shekels by completing Shiurim (homework).